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“As some of our long-standing volunteers hand over the reins to new volunteers, they share their insights ….

Winston Uytenboogaart
Known for his big capacity for coordinating and driving the RATS team.
Winston was in it from the get-go, “The Festival has opened so many doors and brought me
so many friends that I can never be more thankful. I found out just how
much when I had my operation last year and got a card with over 100
names on. It has been a pleasure more than a job. Today my best pals
here in Orangeville are through the Festival, and it has led to more
deep family ties with many of them. The Festival has also opened
connections for my other Volunteer activities. I can truly say the
Festival is a success because of the volunteers and it is a great thing
for Orangeville where my family and I have made our home now for over 30

Gord McWilliams
A creative and very organized leader, who has introduced several new aspects to
the Festival. The Friday night Blues Cruise, and Bikes and
Blues and just last year the New Orleans style Memorial March are all of
his making. These extensions to the festival continue to be a raving
Says Gord, who has been trying for a year or so to play a lesser role
“It is satisfying to know that the Festival is built on a strong
foundation and improves every year. All through the year, if you meet
someone that knows you are a volunteer, you will only hear praise for a
job well done. For many families, Festival Weekend has become a
tradition where friends and relatives look forward to the special
weekend visit to Orangeville.” Gord encourages new volunteers to join
the team, “Be part of the tradition, meet new friends and work with a
team that puts on a spectacular free weekend show.”

John Christie
Known for his years as beer garden team leader, and in the last two
years running operations, John too is a key player for the festival.
Taking a lesser role this year declining to be a team leader, he will
still be found at the ‘Command Centre’ or ‘Beer Garden’ during the festival.
Says John, “Having been one of the original volunteers and to see this festival
grow from an afternoon in the park, with a little over 2,000 people, to
the four day event, which draws over 30,000 fans from far and wide, is
an unbelievable feeling of joy and self-worth” John Christie,

Says Volunteer Coordinator Alison Hird, “We have lots of wonderful new volunteers joining our team, but there is always room for a few more… we’d love to hear from you”.

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