What are festival dates this year?

May 31st to June 2nd, 2024

Where is the festival held?

Festival Main Stage is in Alexandra Park, behind Town Hall at 87 Broadway. Venues include the Opera House (in Town Hall) the TD Broadway Stage (Second St. & Broadway), the Orangeville Public Library (on Broadway, just up the street from Town Hall). Other venues - pubs, clubs, restaurants etc - will be listed under the Main Menu item "Venues" closer to the Festival dates.

What does it cost?
2024 ticket prices per person (including HST) are:
Weekend Pass - $40 in advance
Friday Ticket: $20 advance and day of
Saturday Tickets: $20 advance and day of
Sunday Ticket: $10 advance and day of
Youths 16 and under are free
All tickets purchased in advance on line are subject to the applicable agency service fees.

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How do I apply as an artist, vendor, volunteer, music venue or sponsor?

See "Get Involved " menu item.

How do I find a place to stay?

View lodging options in the Orangeville area.

How do I find where to eat or shop while in town? 

View the  Orangeville Directory for restaurants in the area.

How do I find what acts are playing? 

View the festival "Schedule" page.

How can I find out where everything is located?

View the "Festival Map" page.

How can I contact you? 

Visit the "Contact Us" page.

How do I find out about the Blues Cruise? 

Find information on the "Blues Cruise" page.

Where do I find out about Blues & Bikes? 

View the "Blues and Bikes" page.

Is there seating in the Main Stage area?

You may bring a folding low profile lawn chair to the TD Main Stage area in Alexandra Park, but please be respectful of people's line of site. There are picnic tables at the rear of the park for enjoying a beverage or something to eat. The Opera House performances provide fixed seating subject to availability.

What kind of merchandise is for sale in the Vendors area?

You can find clothing; jewelry; food & beverage; musical instruments; CDs; home decor; face painting and crafts. Some of our regular Vendors include Beaver Tails; Baked potato; Roast pig on a spit; Lemonade; Tornado twist deep fried potato on a stick; mini donuts; Poutine food trailer; Thai food; Caribbean BBQ; Hot Dogs; Hamburgers; chips.

If I bring my refillable Water Bottle, is there a water station on site?

Yes - a water filling station will be located on 2nd St near the TD MainStage.

Are dogs allowed at the festival?
We can't allow dogs in the main stage area due to large crowds and loud live music in a contained area.  People may bring dogs to other public spaces, however, we expect large crowds and dogs must be leashed and controlled for everyone's safety