Vince Maccarone’s Los Variants

June 3, 2017 @ 4:00 pm
Orangeville Opera House

los variants

Vince Maccarone is a performer, producer, composer and educator with over 25 years of playing, teaching and writing experience. Originally from the mining town of Sudbury, Ontario, he has been based in Toronto, Ontario for the past 30 years and formed Los Variants in 2013. A Los Variants performance represents an unbreakable link between traditional music and cutting-edge contemporary. Reggae, Jazz, Afro-Cuban and Brazilian influences are blended into a unique “world music” approach which is the Los Variants ethos. On the upcoming 2017 CD Vince has collaborated with artists from Spain to Jamaica to produce a unique collective known as Vince Maccarone’s Los Variants. Vince and the band members have won and been nominated for many JUNOS,Maple Blues Awards, DORAs and other awards and will be bringing all of their rich musical history to Orangeville 2017.

Be prepared to move and groove at a Los Variants show!