Alan Gerber

June 3, 2018 @ 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm
On The Nine
207535 Ontario 9 Mono

alan gerber

I have moved to the beat of a different drummer and in the past few years discovered a growing community of fans who want more of my music. I have also found my muse in my soul mate, Robin, as well as other invaluable writing partners, with whom I share vision, humor and the poetry of life. Two of my children, Eli and Hannah, are exceptional musicians and we are privileged to be able to perform occasionally as a family. One of the benefits of leading a non- traditional career is the intimacy I continue to develop with my devoted
fans. Connections may start on stage in a venue pounding with the visceral beat of blues or in the stillness of a quiet moment when folk music stories are the main event. Other times, I am proud to help children find ways of expressing themselves musically by doing workshops in schools. It’s all the Alan Gerber experience.

My mission has always been to move people, through music and words, to feel and think. I believe art should be meaningful. My vision is to continuously reach deep into the fullest spectrum of emotions I can experience and never be satisfied with what I’ve done in the past. By doing this, my art will be expressed not just intellectually but physically in every performance I give. Even as I seek to give through my music, I will keep it in balance with my goals to live a healthy life holding community and family at the core of who I am. It is in balancing my vision for art with the grounding that comes from real life that I am at my best.