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Eliana Cuevas

Hailed as “a major international talent that’s on its way” by the Toronto Star,Venezuelan vocalist Eliana Cuevas performs dynamic songs that defy expectations of Latin music. Eliana has toured across Canada and abroad collaborating with Juno and Grammy Award-winning performers, and she has released

7 albums of original Latin music under her name:
Cohesión (2001), Ventura (2004) Vidas (2007), Espejo (2013), Golpes y Flores (2017), El Curruchá (2021) and, most recently, Seré Libre (2023).

Seré Libre marks a debut recording with the Angel Falls Orchestra — a new musical entity featuring some of the best and most versatile classical musicians in Canada — arranged, conducted, and produced by Juno Award-winning pianist Jeremy Ledbetter. 

Eliana has never been constrained by genre boxes in her songwriting, drawing freely from jazz, Latin, folk, and world music elements.

Her eclectic discography has brought her multiple wins at the National Jazz Awards, Toronto Independent Music Awards, Canadian Folk Music Awards, and the Independent Music Awards in the US.