Artists – 2018


Agneya Chikte Trio

alan gerber

Alan Gerber

alex cuba

Alex Cuba

andrew parkhouse

Andrew B Parkhouse

angelina hunter trio

Angelina Hunter Trio

badk luck woman and her misfortunes

Bad Luck Woman & Her Misfortunes

bad parkers

Bad Parkers



big black dog

Big Black Dog

brian blain

Brian Blain

brian blain & larry kurtz

Brian Blain & Larry Kurtz

can-am blues band

Can-Am Blues Band

cindy lou

Cindy Lou & The Who’s

conor gains

Conor Gains

counter measure


drystal shawanda

Crystal Shawanda

dan mckinnon

Dan McKinnon

david storey

David Storey

emily gilbart

Emily Gilbart

gary cain

Gary Cain Band

glen marais band

Glen Marais and The Mojo Train Band

heather katz

Heather Katz Band

honeywood blue

Honeywood Blue

jake chisholm

Jake Chisholm


Jay Kipps Band


Jazz Society Band

jenie thai

Jenie Thai

jimmy lane

Jimmy D Lane

justin saladino

Justin Saladino

kelly lee

Kellylee Evans

larry kurtz & lisa hutchinson

Larry Kurtz & The Lawbreakers With Special Guest Lisa Hutchinson

little current

Little Current

nicole roberts

Nicole Robertson


ODSS Jazz Band

old school

Old School

orangeville community band

Orangeville Community Band

orangeville music theatre

Orangeville Music Theatre

orangeville show chorus

Orangeville Show Chorus

paul deslaurier band

Paul Deslauriers Band

pete temple and the cornerstones

Pete Temple & The Conerstones

raoul and the big time

Raoul and The Big Time

rob lutes

Rob Lutes

robert f. hall jazz band

Robert F Hall Jazz Band

robi botos

Robi Botos

ronnie douglas

Ronnie Douglas

ryan mcnally

Ryan McNally

Photo by: Pete Paterson

Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar

soul collective

Soul Collective




Stan Chang and Erick Bruck

sugaray rayford

Sugaray Rayford


Tamica & The Boyz

the firecats

The Firecats

travelling wannabees

The Travelling Wannabees

wayne buttery

Wayne Buttery With The Collective