“Having been one of the original volunteers and to see this festival grow from an afternoon in the park, with a little over 2,000 people, to the four day event, which draws over 30,000 fans from far and wide, is an unbelievable feeling of joy and self-worth” – John Christie, Volunteer from year one

It is easy to see why the festival is so successful! There’s an enormous sense of teamwork that permeates all aspects and activities and a sense of great anticipation as each festival weekend draws nearer. Looking forward to participating in the 2017 festival. ~JD Dinsdale

I thoroughly enjoy the preparation and activity that goes on before each band starts their set. It takes an entire team of dedicated volunteers to ensure everything runs smoothly and on time. ~Doug Kennedy

As an on-going volunteer, I want to take the time to thank those around the town and the festival for making me want to return year after year. It’s the community, the vibe, the music, the food, guests and the volunteers make this event the success it is. Team OBJF – thank you for all you do for Orangeville and this particular volunteer! ~“CJ” Chris Hasson, Beer Garden and Vendor Volunteer

I love the music! For me, it’s like a reunion with familiar and new faces. We are like ants, all busy with our own jobs, all sporting an orange volunteer t-shirt! ~Teresa Huntley, RATS volunteer

When the Orangeville Blues and Jazz Festival takes place, the town comes alive with music and people. I really love being in the RATS Team and part of the vibrant festival volunteer group. All the volunteers are fun to be with, and whatever we do over the busy four days, we hear music in the background as we work. We welcome new volunteers, and love volunteers who return the next year. This grows our stable of regulars who enjoy working and hanging out together. ~Don Ladner, RATS Volunteer

“I fondly reflect on the early years when we collected scaffolding from Toronto, and put together the 60-foot stage ourselves! Teamwork at its best!” ~Ted Gerber, Past President

I am now in my 2nd year as the Operations Director of the Festival and it is truly an amazing experience. I get to manage a great festival that has become an iconic event for this town. It is a pleasure to work with so many wonderful people leading up to, and during the Festival. My job is truly inspiring. ~Gary Skinn, Operations Director

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